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Click and Measure

4 Easy Steps

To Click and Measure your PUPILLARY DISTANCE and see a VIRTUAL DISPLAY of your chosen frame online.

You will need the need the use of a digital camera with the ability to transfer the images to your computer.
If you already wear glasses you will have to remove them for the photograph.

Step 1

Using a white card or a stiff envelope at least 12cm wide mark 2 dots across the top edge exactly 10cm apart

Step 2

Hold the envelope horizontally against your chin as shown

Step 3

Take your photograph and transfer it to your computer

Step 4

Use the browse button to locate the image on your computer and upload the image to our secure server. (once loaded correctly a thumbnail will appear)
It may take a few minutes to load depending on your connection speed and image size.
As you can see on the right hand drawing, the calibration card should be held against your chin, in the same plane as your eyes.


To the right is a comparison featuring a model wearing Okia C-223s blue and a Click and Measure Overlay wearing the same model frame.
As you can see using this feature lets you see how the frame looks and fits your face, the Click and Measure system also allows you to accurately measure your pupillary distance ( the exact distance between your pupils PD ) offering you absolutely optimum vision, and if that isn' t enough you can also measure yourself within your chosen frame for bifocal and varifocals.
All instructions for use are displayed on screen.

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