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With such high prices in the high street you may wonder where the money all goes.
The largest single overhead will be wages, even the smallest practice needs one receptionist, one dispensing optician and one ophthalmic optician.
Premises are also costly when combined with buisness and retail rates, then there is fixtures , fittings and stock.
All in all a very expensive business, and who pays the piper? well of course you the client.

When a high street practice may only see a handfull of clients each day, each and every one has to cough up a proportion of the overheads.

Thats why spectacles can cost as much as a second hand car.

Thats where we come in, no receptionist, no high paid ophthalmic optician and no high street premises with associated rates.

We can beat the high street prices by a huge margin and still provide exactly the same product.


Standard high quality stock single vision plastic prescription lenses for distance , intermediate or reading are provided at no extra charge with all prescription frames sold by Budgetspex.

Stock range is +/- 6.00 dioptres Sphere and Cylinder combined without prism.

Powers above this standard range are available as an optional extra at great savings from high street prices.

We need just a few details from you to enable you to order lowcost spectacles online.

  • The powers of your lenses from a  valid prescription taken from your latest eyetest
  • Your pupillary distance ( the distance between your pupils when gazing straight forward ), This can be measured simply with a ruler or online making use of our click and measure system.
  • In the case of bifocals or varifocals we need to know how much above the bottom of the lens your pupils lie. This can be measured simply with a ruler or online making use of our click and measure system.
  • Of course we need to identify your account, so a few details need to be entered here also. Please Note: passwords must be at least 8 characters long.

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