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Drivewear Added

02 06 2015

After interest from valued customers we've added Drivewear Varifocals to our extensive lens portfolio in 1.50 Standard , 1.53 Trivex and Polycarbonate materials.

Thinner Polarised Varifocals

Thinner Polarised Varifocals

16 06 2015

We've just added High Index Polarised Varifocals to our extensive lens portfolio.

High Index are thinner and have more tensile strength than standard index lenses.

New Shallow Rimless

New Shallow Rimless

New Shallow Rimless

17 06 2015

We've added a new stainless steel rimless only 23.50mm deep in a modern shape at a remarably low price stocked in 9 colours - That's one for just about every colour fan.

news_new-shallow-rimless_newsimage2main.jpg news_new-shallow-rimless_newsimage3main.jpg news_new-shallow-rimless_newsimage4main.jpg news_new-shallow-rimless_newsimage5main.jpg news_new-shallow-rimless_newsimage6main.jpg news_new-shallow-rimless_newsimage7main.jpg

Basix Collection

Basix Collection

Basix Collection


New collection of a good half dozen of spex frames at less than twenty quid including stock single vision plastic prescription lenses deliverted to your door.

Why bother with ready readers from the local petrol station?

news_basix-collection_newsimage2main.jpg news_basix-collection_newsimage3main.jpg news_basix-collection_newsimage4main.jpg news_basix-collection_newsimage5main.jpg news_basix-collection_newsimage6main.jpg news_basix-collection_newsimage7main.jpg

Transitions®XTRActive™ Lenses

New Transitions®XTRActive™ Lenses From Transitions Optical now darken inside your car.

XTRActive™ Lenses

  • Transitions® XTRActive™ lenses are our darkest everyday lenses ever – quickly adjusting to the darkness of traditional sunglasses in full sun. They continuously adapt to changing light in all conditions – and by sensing and adjusting to visible light as well as UV light, they’re our first everyday lenses turning dark inside a car.
  • Our darkest everyday lenses ever, even in hot temperatures
  • Darken inside a car up to 50%
  • Optimize vision, enhance eye comfort, and reduce glare
  • Comfortable slight indoor tint
  • Specifically designed to work with most frames

New Transitions® XTRActive™ lenses are our darkest everyday lenses ever; activate inside a car; and of course, fade back indoors.
The latest innovation in the line of Transitions adaptive lenses.


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